Funding & Technical Assistance

Does this curriculum get you dreaming about a project for your farm? Funding is available for water stewardship and conservation projects and there are resources that provide technical assistance and support to qualify for funding. Here are some places that can help you.

Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)
The  NRCS works with landowners by providing conservation planning and technical assistance in water, soil, energy, etc. to foster healthy ecosystems. They also provide funding through programs such as the Agricultural Water Enhancement Program (AWEP), Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), and other Farm Bill-funded programs.
The NRCS has state offices across the country: if you are not in California you can connect to your state’s resources through the national site:

California Resource Conservation District (RCD)
The CA RCD has 100 regional offices. Connect with your local office for funding and project opportunities.
Use this page to locate RCD Offices by county:

University of California Co-op Extension—UC Agriculture and Natural Resources
More services for your project are available through 200 locally based Cooperative Extension advisors and specialists.
Use this page to locate offices in your county:
Here is the directory of all ANR staff:

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