As water becomes increasingly more expensive and inaccessible, water stewardship provides cost savings, supply security and opportunities for farms to thrive.

Want to learn about rainwater harvesting, dry farming, advanced irrigation monitoring, or aquaculture systems? What about how to integrate these practices into your current operation? This toolbox will help you face the challenges of on-farm water management with the knowledge and support you need to succeed!

The Ecological Farming Association’s (EFA’s) Water Stewardship Project curriculum offers resources and educational materials to help you evaluate the best on-farm water efficiency and conservation techniques. It also connects you with programs that provide technical assistance and financial support to implement these systems.

The video case studies, audio recordings, and other resources are available to study and adapt to your project’s needs. This website is a place for farmers and ranchers to learn about on-farm water stewardship practices that benefits both their business’ bottom line and the sustainability of their agricultural practices.

WSP Companion Guide Thumbnail
You can download the Water Stewardship Project Curriculum Companion Guide (1MB, PDF) by clicking here.

Curriculum materials currently available:

Video Case Studies

The highlight of the Water Stewardship Project, these videos feature six different on-farm water stewardship practices.

audio Water Audio Recordings

Streamable audio from EFA educational events about water.

agwater Agricultural Water Stewardship Resource Center

This is a great website resource from the California Agricultural Water Stewardship Initiative. Lots of information and case studies.

resources More Resources

Links to all kinds of resources, from further reading to funding sources.

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