EcoFarm 2013 will highlight the Water Stewardship Project video case studies

By Liz Birnbaum, EFA Program Coordinator
EFA’s Water Stewardship Project, featuring profiles of six amazing eco-farms demonstrating innovation and ingenuity in addressing water management in their operations, will be screened at the 2013 EcoFarm Conference at Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, CA.  Registration for the conference still available!
The videos, that examine the agronomy of six farm operations covering small, medium and large scale operations, are under 10 minutes each include a farm tour and interview with the farmer as they detail the components involved and demonstrating how the water system works within the context of their whole farm.
The videos will be available to view throughout the conference in the Exhibitor Marketplace.  Additionally, two water stewardship workshops will feature the farmers from the videos for a farmer-to-farmer discussion and a question and answer session.  They are offered on Thursday and on Friday.  Click here for details.
The videos are available for free viewing here at with links to follow up resources that empower farmers to explore the viability of water efficiency and conservation efforts on their own farms at any scale.
EFA is interested to facilitate the many ways that farmers can learn from each other and find solutions to increase water security, reduce costs, access resources and improve the management of water on the farm.
This curriculum is made possible by funding from the California Depart of Food and Agriculture. 

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